The good news is that the Host Committee working to set the stage for the Republican National Convention has raised more money faster than other recent convention cities.

It has raised $56 million of a targeted $64 million in cash and in-kind services. That's 88 percent of the goal.

The challenging news is that Donald Trump's emergence as the presumptive nominee has yet to unleash the normal flow of donations that follows the candidate's identification.

Emily Lauer, of Destination Cleveland and a spokesperson for the Host Committee, said, "We have not seen a great stampede at this point. We do anticipate that will kick in."

As to whether the controversial Trump may be a deterrent to some donors opening checkbooks, she said, "We have had one company go back on their commitment...That is one company, a very small fraction of $64 million."

Ohio's providing $10 million. The City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County each are committed for $2.5 million.

Lauer said negotiations with some prospective, significant donors seem to be close to success.

She claimed a backstop plan is in place if the needed dollars are not forthcoming but said she could not talk about specifics or say if more tax dollars are involved.