The debate rages on over President Trump's proposed budget, which was released overnight. Some big spending changes could be on the way.

None of this a surprise. The president campaigned on putting more money into defense, veterans affairs and homeland security.

But how will he pay for that?

It could come from cuts, from your great lake to your furnace room.

Remember a few summers ago when the western part of Lake Erie was solid green? Algae had grown so aggressively the water was undrinkable.

Tens of thousands had to use bottled water until the problem was fixed.

The president's plan is to cut the EPA budget by 31%, including elimination of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. That initiative targeted algae bloom, pollution and invasive species.

It's one of 62 agencies or programs under the knife if the Trump budget is approved.

Elaine Lee would feel the cuts of the new budget too. We first met her in 2015. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance program helps those low-income elderly residents pay their heating bills.

Last year $130 million federal dollars helped the Ohio elderly get by. That would be gone under the new budget.

There would also be deep cuts to affordable housing plans, job training programs and meals on wheels programs. Where is that money going?

$60 billion more dollars will go to defense, homeland security, and veterans care in the Trump budget.

The president's plan adds money to school choice, meaning charter school advocates love the plan.

Also to be eliminated in the new budget: funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

And one more with a potentially deeper Cleveland effect: a $1.3 billion dollar cut to the U.S. Coast Guard, that's 12% of their entire budget.