Monday's late breaking news from our nation's capital came via the Washington Post. A statement written by Donald Trump, Jr. about his meeting with Russians that was later found to be misleading wasn't written by Don Jr.

Rather, Don Sr., President Trump.

Before the Post's story broke, the evening started with the President tweeting, "A great day at the White House!"

Monday kicked off with the President welcoming his new Chief of Staff. Mr. Trump said of Gen. John Kelly, "I predict General Kelly will go down in terms of position of Chief of Staff as one of the great EVER."

It would take just five hours for the new Chief of Staff headline to be replaced by news that the White House Communications boss, newly announced ten days ago, would himself be replaced.

Anthony Scaramucci's profanity-laden tirade last week was the reason.

And before the night was over, news from the Washington Post, claiming it was President Trump who crafted a misleading statement earlier this month about his son and his involvement with the Russians during the election.

The statement said the meeting was about adoptions, not politics.

The Post indicates that if the misleading statement was written by the president, it could put him in legal jeopardy.