There are phone and nameplates for 73 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies set up in a huge room..

It's a communications nerve center at an undisclosed location that's ready to collect and share intelligence information for the Republican National Convention.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said, " We have planned and 'what if-ed.' We have table-topped this from day one...Everything that can happen we have planned for."

As for ongoing pronouncements from police union president Steve Loomis, that the city is ill-prepared, Williams said, " I don't think the rank and file officers share the President's sentiment."

Williams said the city has now exceeded the number of outside officers it counted on its original plan, but would not say what that number is.

Authorities at the event said there is no specific, credible, known threat to the convention.

But the recent terrorist attacks and shootings by and of police show how brutal the unexpected can be.

The FBI's jobs include intelligence coordinating and sharing and being alert for terrorists.

Local Agent-in-Charge Steve Anthony said, "That's what we're concerned about and on guard for...the lone actor who says this is the day. I have access to some sort of weapon...and this is the day I'm going to do it."

The U.S. Secret Service has ultimate oversight for the security plan.

Director Joseph Clancy said, "What gives us confidence is that we have a good plan..We've been conducting these events since 1998. This is our 53rd National Special Security event, so we've got a good model how to conduct these events.

With so much emotion, so many expected protesters and a volatile Presidential nominee, the hope is that model still works.