CLEVELAND - Just hours away from the start of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland voters are watching for those unexpected and unpredictable moments. In a campaign that’s been full of those moments already, here are five moments you should watch for during the GOP convention.

1. Donald Trump has the nomination for president. Or does he?

A group of anti-Trump delegates are going for a do-over on Monday, trying to ask the full body of delegates to reconsider language that would make it easier to challenge Donald Trump’s nomination.

They tried last week during a meeting of the rules committee, but their effort failed. Now they need 28 members of the 112-member rules committee to get on-board with their “Dump Trump” movement.

2. We haven’t heard much from Donald Trump’s wife; but, Monday night, Melania Trump will be one of the headlining speakers on the stage at the GOP Convention.

3. Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan will address delegates.

What will he say? Many are waiting to hear after the Speaker’s very public switch from denouncing Trump, to endorsing him just months ago.

4. Wednesday, we’ll hear from soon-to-be Republican Vice Presidential Candidate and Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Wednesday night is also when we expect delegates to cast their votes for the Trump-Pence ticket.

5. Thursday night in primetime, Donald Trump takes the stage to formally accept the GOP nomination for President in a speech that he hopes will energize and unite Republicans heading into the final three months before the general election.

The headliner speakers of the convention take the stage during prime time, with live broadcast on all networks starting at 10 p.m. ET. The speaker schedule was released on Sunday.