As the Republican National Convention approaches, and thousands of protestors are expected in Cleveland, police and U.S. Secret Service members are continuing security preparations.

Authorities briefed the media on the latest security measures in a press conference Wednesday.

Secret Service officials said teams have started to arrive and set up.

Officials reiterated that the city is prepared for the RNC.

Cleveland police officials say no outside assisting departments have withdrawn their pledge to help during the RNC since June 24. Officials say the police department has reached all its number goals in terms of assistance and has stopped requesting additional officers. Visiting officers will be covered by insurance from the city.

Permit requests for protests are closed. Officials said spaces have been filled for protest group requests in the protest parade route. Protestors will be permitted to walk in the streets, but will be restricted if needed, depending on the unique, fluid situation.

Officials noted that if someone breaks the law, they will be arrested.

When asked how the city plans to handle and accommodate potential armed protestors, Mayor Frank Jackson said citizens will be permitted to exercise their right to bear arms.

"We'll follow the law," Jackson said.

Space outside the RNC's secure zone will be open for lawful arms.

"This is not the first time the city of Cleveland will see people open carry," Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams added.