In March, Sister Rita Petruziello was talking with the other sisters of Rocky River's Sisters of St. Joseph and had an idea.

"Why dont we circle the city with love? Why don't we do that," said Petruziello on the west side of the Hope Memorial Bridge Sunday afternoon as thousands filed past her to fill it.

One mini but mighty woman's vision turned into thousands of strangers standing in solidarity.

"They came out of everywhere," she said. "People I haven't seen in years, people I never saw!"

Shoulder to shoulder, hand-in-hand, they stood lining both sides of the bridge as far as the eye could see for 30 minutes of silent reflection rooted in love.

"The silence is so strong," said a teary eyed Dawn Wegenek of Cleveland. 'You can't imagine it until you're here. Everyone coming to Cleveland, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, protestors, let your hearts soften a little."

"This is truly the day that love has made," said Sr. Rita, overwhelmed in gratitude.

Angelica Pozol may have summed up a majority of the feelings of fellow Cleveland residents who are finding themselves on edge on the eve of the Republican National Convention.

"Hopefully it will descend upon the city like a big blanket and keep it all quiet for the next four days," said Pozol.