They said Cleveland could not do it but the city and its people proved them wrong.

Hosting its first recent convention, Cleveland went through months of planning to ensure not only the success of the Republican National Convention, but also create good first impressions of the city for all those who would be visiting throughout the week.

Protests and demonstrations aside, the city as a whole has proved itself to be a great event host and a new tourist destination with its many new restaurants, bars and entertainment attractions.

After showing off the past few days, many visitors are claiming they will be coming back to Cleveland.

"With all of the events we have to attend, we have not gotten to see everything that we have liked to," said Cindy Costa, an RNC member from South Carolina. "We will be coming back when we can explore the city."

Those visiting the city obtain much of their passion about Cleveland from those Clevelanders themselves, including downtown business owners, who are happy to share their city with those visiting during the RNC.

"We want people to come back," said actress Monica Potter, native Clevelander and Cleveland business owner. "The RNC is great for the city and they [visitors] have all said really wonderful things about who we are as a city and community."