As murmurs of varying protests during next week's Republican National Convention arise, Cleveland police are working to ensure citizens' rights, as well as their safety, remain protected.

During a news briefing on RNC security Wednesday, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams addressed questions and concerns on protestors potentially carrying firearms.

Williams reiterated that protestors have a right under Ohio law to open carry. He also noted that open carry has been lawful and is not a new concept.

"We've done this before. This is not the first time the city of Cleveland will see people open carry," Williams said.

Williams said authorities have modified their policies and tactics following the Dallas police shootings that occurred last week to ensure everyone, including the open carrier, remains safe.

When asked how citizens should react if they someone with a firearm, Williams urged people to remain aware of their surroundings.

If someone seems to be engaging in sketchy behavior, Williams said to inform a police officer and authorities will handle it from there.

"There are certain things that go along with open carry that, that person has to do," Williams explained. "You can't menace a person with that weapon. You can't brandish that weapon, you can't point it at people. There are a lot of things that, just because you carry openly, doesn't mean you can pull that weapon out, show that weapon or brandish that weapon."