"Maybe it’s going to turn out that fortune smiled on Kansas City two years ago when Cleveland came out on top — or was it the bottom?" an article posted by the Kansas City Star asked.

In the opinion piece written by "The Editorial Board," the newspaper claims Kansas City got lucky when it lost the bid to host this year's Republican National Convention.

With no way to foresee the controversy that would surround Donald Trump and a possible contested convention, the article suggests the "Mistake by the Lake" has no idea what it's in for.

The article goes on to describe what may unfold this July:

"Now imagine what the Republican convention could be like. One guess: It might resemble Chicago in August 1968 during the Democratic National Convention, when police and anti-Vietnam War protesters clashed in the streets and parks. The results included hundreds of arrests, injuries and immeasurable damage to the city’s image."

The article says Kansas City dodged a "Trump-triggered, politically explosive scenario," but David Gilbert, president and CEO of Cleveland's Republican National Convention Host Committee, says Kansas City was just unlucky.

"If you ask the leaders of any one of those other cities, great cities, cities like Dallas and Denver and Kansas City and Columbus and others, that did not win the bid," said Gilbert. "If you ask them, right now, would they rather be in our shoes, absolutely they would be. I guarantee it."

He says the opinion piece went too far by slamming the city.

"I think it is very disingenuous to call out Cleveland, call us names and talk about that they've booked a couple other small conventions at the same time," said Gilbert.

As for the "Mistake by the Lake," Gilbert says the city will benefit from the convention for many years to come.

"This is doing exactly what we wanted," said Gilbert. "We are on the tip of everybody's tongue around the national media, and this is going to be an amazing thing for Cleveland."

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