Businesses in Ohio City didn't see the boost they expected during the Republican National Convention.

John Stephens from Market Garden said he has definitely seen a decline in business since the start of the convention.

Even next door at Westside Market, a couple of vendors have seen a lack of customers this past week.

Jane Campbell from Campbell's Sweets Factory said there is nothing sweet about the RNC, at least not when it comes to her business. She's had about half as many customers as normal.

"It's not at all what we thought it would be," Campbell said. "I think they shut down a lot of the roads and cut off our lifeline."

Over at Townhall, they say they over-prepared for the convention.

Brittany Romes, from Townhall, said they overstaffed for the week and expected to be busier.

However, some believe this lull in business could pay out for Cleveland in the long run.

"It's exciting that people are marking this as a destination. It's good," Stephens said.