Representative Tim Ryan claims he is "within striking distance" of ousting Nancy Pelosi as Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives.

Pelosi claims she has reelection commitments from two-thirds of incumbent Democrats.

Both statements can't be true.

The truth will come out after Wednesday's vote on whether Pelosi continues her 10-year run as the highest-ranking woman in government and leader of House Democrats or is replaced by Ryan, a new face and voice calling for change in the party's message .

Ryan's been a 13-year Congressman. His 13th District runs from Youngstown to Akron. Until now, he was perhaps best known for authoring books on mindfulness/meditation and healthy eating.

Ryan been telling colleagues Democrats are losing and can't keep doing the same thing expecting better results.

Democrats have lost 60-plus House seats in the last six years.

He charges that Pelosi is leading a party that's strong on both coasts but has forgotten it's lunch-bucket base in the Midwest. Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all backed Donald Trump.

Pelosi claims she has not forgotten her base and points out that Donald Trump won Ryan's district.

Ryan is considered a big underdog.

His recent weeks in the spotlight could raise his stock as a possible candidate for Ohio governor in 2018.