People gathered at watch parties across Northeast Ohio to witness the second Presidential debate Sunday night.

WKYC visited both a Clinton get together and a Trump watch party and asked voters their thoughts on the topics covered and answers given.

Off the top, Trump faced several questions surrounding the lewd comments he made about women back in 2005. At Union House in Brookpark, Trump supporters told us they think the topic’s an attack on Trump.

“I think this smear campaign is sad, but it’s not surprising. She’s pulling out everything she can, because she’s afraid she’s going to lose,” said Rose Wolfgram.

A pro-Clinton group watching in Ohio City thinks the crude remarks are valid and should be discussed.

“This is his true form,” explained Adam Harry. “This isn’t like a Facebook comment he may have said. This is like facts.”

Craig Williams, a Trump supporter, wanted to hear less about the personal lives of the candidates and more about relevant issues that will affect everyday Americans.

“Relevant experience, demonstrated accomplishments and solutions to problems of the future. So far we’re not hearing any of that right now,” said Craig Williams. He told us he supports Trump because he has all of those things.

Most of the people we talked with said it doesn’t really matter what’s said at these debates. They already know who they’re voting for.

“I just don’t want to hear anything from her again. I want her to go away,” Wolfgram told us.

“To be an educated voter, despite the fact that I support Hillary, I want to hear what she’s saying in response to Mr. Trump and also see what he’s saying in response to her,” Joyce Hachadourian said.

The third and final Presidential debate happens Wednesday October 19 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.