On Tuesday we learned President Trump surprised FBI Director James Comey by firing him – something Comey learned from watching TV.

We wondered what it is like to be fired by this administration without any warning – and through the media.

While James Comey isn’t discussing what that feels like, Carole Rendon is.

Until two months ago, she was the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. She and forty-five colleagues were terminated without warning, a firing she learned about from a reporter.

WKYC Channel 3’s Chris Tye sat down to talk with Rendon about what it’s like learning your job is gone in such a chilly fashion, and what it was like watching the Comey firing this week

“A little bit of déjà vu; having been in that spot myself less than two months ago,” Rendon said. “This hit really close to home.”

She says believes these are attempts by The White House to change the narrative.

“Notice, we're not talking Russia. We're talking about the firing of the FBI Director. Since Jan 20th I feel like it’s been one chaotic news cycle after another. With things that are unexpected, unprecedented and many times unacceptable.”

How did she learn she was fired?

“They issued a press release and I got a call from a reporter, a similar situation to the way the director of the FBI was fired. It really affected me. I was offended by it. To not have the courtesy of a phone call, an explanation or advanced warning – so you can properly transition your office? “It’s not the way we treat people who serve our country.”