WILLOUGHBY -- Dr. Boris Vinogradsky is a Russian-American physician practicing at Lake West Hospital and other hospitals.

He is head of the Russian American Medical Association and he will be attending the Sochi Winter Olympics with his wife.

He will serve as a doctor for the non-athletes in the delegation.

He closely monitors news in the country of his birth and he is anxious about the latest threats in a video purporting to show suicide bombers threatening terrorist violence during the Olympics with a "present" for tourists.

"I am a lot more apprehensive...I think Americans will be the prime targets, " he said, in an interview with WKYC's Tom Beres.

There will be almost 40,000 police and military personnel in a security ring around Sochi.

Russian authorities claim they can protect the event and are turning aside other countries' offers of help.

"They said we don't need an extra help. We can handle it ourselves, I don't think so....They should take all the help they can get," he advised.

Vinogradsky fears the event won't feel like the Olympics.

"You think of the Olympics as a once in a lifetime opportunity....instead of being there for two or three weeks having fun, you really want to get out of there," he said.

Vinogradsky said he and his team will be staying in a secure hotel arranged by Olympic Team sponsor McDonald's.

He hopes his fears do not come true.