SANDUSKY -- Something secret is happening at Cedar Point.

The first major tease for the park's 2015 plans were unleashed in a cryptic tweet earlier this week.

Here's how it reads: "Currently working diligently on 2015. Did I spel that rite? More importantly, did I say it right..."

That message came from Tony Clark, who works for the park's communications department. Although it provided zero actual details, the post quickly triggered speculation from Cedar Point fans who frequently search for any possible clues at what the Sandusky scream park has up its sleeve next.

In looking at trademarks, Cedar Fair, which is Cedar Point's parent company, made filings for two new names:

  • Centurion -- filing date: Oct. 18, 2013. Definition: The commander of a century in the ancient Roman army.
  • Rougarou -- filing date: June 23, 2014. Definition: A legendary creature in Laurentian French communities linked to European notions of the werewolf.

Are either of these names tied to the 2015 plans? Nothing is confirmed, but it's very possible. It's also possible these names could end up representing an attraction at one of Cedar Fair's other amusement parks. Some fans believe "Centurion" will be the name of a new roller coaster at Carowinds, which is an amusement park that straddles the Carolinas.

As far as Cedar Point's plans go, one park fan thinks he may have found a connection between the vague tweet and the name "Centurion." The coaster fan posted his thoughts on saying several letters in the first half of the tweet can be combined to spell "Centurion."