ID=12536709SANDUSKY -- The secret will soon be unleashed.

Cedar Point says they will reveal a "major announcement" at noon today.

Bryan Edwards and Tony Clark of Cedar Point have both tweeted teases about the announcement.

Edwards' posted around noon Friday: Big news coming from the "Roller Coaster Capital of the World" this coming Tuesday. Stay tuned. #Secret.

Unlike GateKeeper's reveal in 2012, no press conference is expected for Tuesday's surprise. Instead, expect the announcement online.

"Check your e-mail shortly after noon on Tuesday," Edwards told us in an e-mail when we asked how the announcement would be made.

Within the last few weeks, amusement parks around the country have unveiled their plans for 2015, but Cedar Point has held back, leaving fans on the edge of their thrill-seeking seats.


Cedar Point teases 2015 plans

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Forums on have been buzzing for months, with many speculating a variety of possibilities for the park's 2015 plans.

A lot of the fan focus has been on Mantis. Some believe it will be converted from a stand-up roller coaster to a sit-down, floorless coaster. Or will Mantis become the "King James" coaster as the park promised to do when LeBron James chose to return to the Cavs? There are fans who think Mantis will just be getting a new, green paint job after a test swath unexpectedly popped up on a portion of the track.

Recently, the park fueled the fire even more by handing out thousands of Mantis buttons for free. This unexpected giveaway sent fans into a tizzy of speculation that this was a sign Mantis would soon be changing forever. Why else would they pass out free Mantis buttons other than to get rid of merchandise that would no longer be necessary?

Hmmmm... But that's not all...

Meanwhile, others are hopeful a new dark ride will be installed where the old Pirate Ride once called home near the Blue Streak.

Several fans are certain some pavilions will be demolished near the front entrance to make space for a new flat ride.

Could Mean Streak get an overhaul? Many fans think so.

But all is speculation.

Here's what we do know...

Cedar Fair, which is Cedar Point's parent company, filed for two trademarks that have not yet been attached to any park within their company.

  • Centurion -- filing date: Oct. 18, 2013. Definition: The commander of a century in the ancient Roman army.
  • Rougarou -- filing date: June 23, 2014. Definition: A legendary creature in Laurentian French communities linked to European notions of the werewolf.

Many coaster fans initially thought Centurion would be the name of the new coaster at Carowinds in the Carolinas. But that ended up not being the case because park officials at Carowinds last week unveiled Fury 325 as their 2015 addition.

Rougarou, however, seems like a more realistic possibility. Why? During Cedar Point's first-ever "Coaster Campout" event earlier this summer, there was a banner that welcomed guests to "Camp Rou." A tease? Likely? A tease to throw fans off? Very possible.

It's also possible that neither Centurion nor Rougarou will be used at Cedar Point. The park is known for pushing out false teases and empty clues to keep fans off their trail.

Whatever Cedar Point ultimately decides, we will have the details for you at high noon Tuesday. Until then, sit back and hold on!