SANDUSKY -- Are you ready to scream?

It may only be August, but Cedar Point has Halloween on the brain...

Cedar Point is adding two new haunted attractions to freak you out for the upcoming HalloWeekends season: Hexed and Tombstone Terror-tory.

Hexed will be housed inside a newly constructed building near GateKeeper's gift shop. Park officials say the attraction is "overrun by decrepit witches whose minions and spells have gone horribly awry."

Tombstone Terror-tory, a new outdoor zone, will bring fresh frights to the back of the park. The ghost-town themed attraction will haunt the walkways of Frontier Town from Wave Swinger to the railroad crossing near Gemini. This scares from this "fright zone" also stretch back toward Maverick and Mean Streak.


Cedar Point sent us the logos for each new haunt exclusively for you to feast your freaky eyes upon.

(Scroll down below the following image for more on the upcoming HalloWeekends)

These additions elevate HalloWeekends to a total of 11 haunted attractions -- five indoors, six outdoors.


  • Hexed (new for 2014)
  • Zombie High School (See photos)
  • Eden Musee
  • Eternity Infirmary
  • G.A. Boeckling's Eerie Estate


  • Tombstone Terror-Tory (new for 2014)
  • Cut Throat Cove
  • Blood on the Bayou
  • Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks
  • CarnEvil
  • CornStalkers

NOTE: Since this story was initially posted, Cedar Point now says the outdoor Fear Faire attraction will not be returning for the 2014 season.

Also making its dastardly debut at HalloWeekends 2014 is Midnight Syndicate Live. Edward Douglas and Gavin Gozka, the Chardon-based musically macabre masterminds, step into the spotlight for multiple live performances each night. The show includes makeup effects by Beki Ingram and David "House" Greathouse, both of whom previously competed on SyFy's reality hit "Face Off." Several segments of the show were filmed at creepy locations around the region, including Akron's Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted Laboratory. Last year, Midnight Syndicate unleashed "Monsters of Legend," its 16th nationwide release.

Do you have little ones too scared for some of the more intense options? There are family friendly attractions, too, including the Monster Midway Invasion Celebration parade and Howl-O-Palooza (cornstalk maze, mask-making station, pony rides).

Interview sessions are being held each Sunday through August from 2-7 p.m. at Cedar Point's Castaway Bay for those interested in working at the HalloWeekends event.

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HalloWeekends is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Sept. 12 through Nov. 2. Hours and ride availability vary.

2014 marks the 18th season for HalloWeekends.

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