If you're a sugar addict, it's hard to kick that habit.

But sugar is the source of major health issues.

Studies show it feeds cancerous tumors, ruins the body's ability to tell when your stomach is full and also leads to depression.

"Sugar is highly addictive," says Cleveland Clinic Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick. "We know that sugar lights up areas of the brain that are similar to the same areas that are lit up by heroin or cocaine."

It's no wonder people with a sweet tooth can't seem to quit. But it is possible.

Kirkpatrick says there are other foods that have the same impact on our brains that sugar does.

"Examples of that would be lean sources of protein. Most of us know that turkey has tryptophan and so we know that causes a calming effect."

She says the same thing happens when we eat cheese and whole grains. So when you're craving sugar, substitute with those foods.

Another power food to fight sugar cravings is an avocado.

"A new study shows avocados actually helps to boost satiety. Satiety means we feel satisfied, we're not going to be hungry. We have that satisfaction, so we don't need to eat more," says Kirkpatrick.

Pop a piece of gum in your mouth to avoid that candy bowl at work.

And if you hit your pillow for a full night's rest, you'll be less likely to scarf down those sweets. If you get less than seven hours of sleep a night, your body will crave sugary treats to give itself energy.