FAIRLAWN -- It's an American icon and it's turning 50!

Ford is celebrating the golden anniversary of the Mustang.

Car enthusiasts from all over the world are showing off their prized possessions, including right here in Northeast Ohio.

Today, vintage and modern Mustangs were lined up at Montrose Ford in Fairlawn. The dealership showcased about a dozen models of the Mustang showing how it has changed from 1964 through 2014.

Ford first rolled out the Mustang on April 17, 1964. The price back then? A smidge under $2400.

Originally Ford said it hoped for annual sales of 100,000 of the cars. But on the first day it was available, 22,000 Mustangs were ordered. Within two years, the Mustang had raced to the coveted 1-million mark.

It has remained one of Ford's most popular models ever since.

Ford says it will build a limited edition Mustang GT to commemorate the 50th anniversary. Only 1,964 of the special models will be built. The limited edition cars will be available in white or blue only--the colors of the Ford logo. Buyers can choose automatic or manual transmission. The special edition will have chrome highlights.