CLEVELAND -- Tremont Animal Clinic is a four-legged version of shopping local.

It is the pet project of veterinarians Katie McCoy and Sara Tippins, who were both working for other clinics when they decided to start up their own.

"I just really wanted to be a part of this city and I always wanted to own my own practice," says Tremont resident McCoy.

So the two vets began searching for spaces around Cleveland.

"We wanted to show that we love Cleveland and that we really want to support the city," says McCoy. "We wanted to support paying taxes to the city."

Even better than finding a location, they found Bob Likvovitz, known by his clients simply as "Dr. Bob."

"We say the best thing that ever happened to us was meeting Dr. Bob," McCoy laughs.

Dr Bob had spent more than 20 years with a popular clinic in Tremont.

"It was sold to a corporation," Dr. Bob explains. "So I decided it would be better if I went and did my own thing."

The three vets clearly had the same mission, and McCoy and Tippins were thrilled to have Dr. Bob's orthopedic surgery skills be a part of the clinic.

His loyal client base certainly helped too.

"He has clients driving from Sandusky, from other states," says McCoy. "He's a great vet, a great surgeon."

"I actually had a client today that was from New Jersey," Dr. Bob smiles.

In early 2014, Tremont Animal Clinic opened its doors, providing an alternative to larger, corporately owned clinics in the area.

"We're small. We're like a mom and pop. We didn't want a big huge clinic," says McCoy. "We're really trying to have that small hometown feeling."

It doesn't mean that business isn't booming though. The doctors see 20-30 patients on most days.

"The phones are ringing the exam rooms are full, so we're very happy with that," McCoy said.

None of the doctors are second guessing the decision to open their own small business.

"I love my staff. I love my new partners. We enjoy ourselves," says Dr. Bob.

Like many local businesses owners, they're helping to boost the city and attract visitors.

McCoy says "We wanted to pull people into Cleveland from the suburbs, show them what a cool place Cleveland is, how many things there are to do."

The docs have a lot of love for their hometown and its furry residents. No bones about it.