I've been known to take my time while shopping but not this long and I certainly wasn't shoplifting.

The Associated Press reported that police in Lancaster County, Pa., said a woman spent the night in a 24-hour Walmart with her three young children before being arrested as she left the following morning with more than $500 in stolen merchandise.

To be clear, the store was open so she wasn't charged with being inside while the Walmart was closed.

It does remind me of the 2000 Natalie Portman movie "Where the Heart Is" where she plays a 17-year-old pregnant girl abandoned by her boyfriend at a Walmart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma to fend for herself.

She ends up living and sleeping inside the Walmart for a while. But, I digress.

East Lampeter Township police said Heather Lynn Defreitas, 40, had been in the store with the children from 10:30 p.m. Tuesday until her arrest 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Detectives said her children - ages 3, 6 and 7 - spent most of the time sleeping in a shopping cart.

Defreitas is charged with corruption of minors, plus a felony count of retail theft due to multiple prior shoplifting arrests. She was released after posting $500 bail.

Know that the children were turned over to their father following their mother's arrest.

Now, I know Walmarts are huge stores and people can wander the aisles for some time without running into too many other people. But don't you think that someone, especially a Walmart employee, would have noticed three kids sleeping in a shopping cart? Or maybe even a woman who had been "shopping" for eight and a half hours?

Personally, I was the only member of my family that did not inherit the "shopping gene" so shopping is not something I like to do. I like to go out, get to the store, get what's on my list and leave. I come from a family that loves to walk through the malls and just window-shop for fun.

The joke in my family is that they have to send my niece with me to Beachwood Place to help me do my Christmas shopping because I hate it so much that I get bored or frustrated and just walk out without buying anything.

Yes, I sound like the perfect woman -- a woman who doesn't like to shop and spend money. But it's not the spending money part that I dislike, it's the sheer act of shopping. I have better things to do. Really, I do.

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