Jane Hash has beaten the odds just by being alive.

Born with more than 20 broken bones, she was given just hours to live. She is now 39 years old and stopped counting the number of bones she's broken at 200.

Osteogenesis imperfecta, a connective tissue disorder, is commonly known as "O.I." or "brittle bone disease." Everyone who has O.I. is affected differently. Some are average sized and only break a couple bones throughout their entire life.

Others, like Jane, fracture much more frequently and are significantly smaller stature. She weighs only 38 pounds.

People often call Jane an inspiration.

She says sitting in a wheelchair should not inspire anyone. If you do admire her, she says it should be for her approach to life.

Living life confined to a wheelchair has helped her develop the perspective that it's not physical challenges holding most people back.

"Most people's unhappiness stems from being afraid," says Jane. "Most people are afraid to do what makes them happy, or they're afraid to try different things to find out what makes them happy."

Jane's approach to life includes embracing new challenges and pushing herself outside of her comfort level. She also tries to push others outside their comfort level.

Her life is the focus of a documentary: "Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY." A five-year project, almost nothing was off limits for the camera.

Topic include her childhood, medical condition, relationships with unique characters including family and friends, bisexuality, akward encounters with strangers, clothing optional festivals, alcohol abuse, religion, activism and more.

Jane did not live for the documentary. The camera simply captured portions of her life.

It's the first venture into the world of documentaries for Director Tom Trainer. The result is a raw look at Jane's life.

The content of the documentary is FOR ADULTS ONLY.

There is nudity, sexual content, topics and images that may make some people uncomfortable, and Jane freely admits she likes to curse.

To learn more:

"Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY" website: http://www.plainjanetheshockumentary.com.

"Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY" on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlainJaneTheShockumentary.

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