A wide variety of stories are coming up tonight at six.

First a 1-year-old Akron boy died Sunday night days after police say the toddler overdosed. The Summit County Medical Examiner’s office is investigating Tymaine Thomas’ death.

Privatizing Air Traffic Controllers. President Trump announced plans to privatize the nation’s air traffic controllers, calling the system we use now a “broken antiquated, horrible system that doesn’t work.” Tonight Monica Robins takes a look at what this could mean for the Oberlin Traffic Control center.

An Akron teacher is killing haters with Kindness. After learning LeBron James’ LA home was the target of racist vandals, she decided to post signs across from LeBron’s Bath Twp. Home that read “Mentor” and “Leader.” More about how Jennifer Pennigton came up with the idea at 6 p.m.

Plus Ohio’s newest Ikea location already has people lining up….days before it opens. A look at why people are racing to be first coming up at six.