The city of Cleveland says crews have managed to plow about 60 percent of the city's streets since the big snowstorm earlier this week, with a goal set to have all of the city's 10,060 streets cleared by late Friday afternoon.

It's been a vicious cycle for Clevelanders this winter. As snow gets plowed away, more seems to get piled on, with those living on secondary roads taking the brunt of the burden.

"It's just a never-ending struggle," said Joe Moskal, who lives on the city's near West Side.

"Price to pay to live in Cleveland," said Casey Deck, Moskal's neighbor. "They need to turn this (shoveling) into an Olympic event."

The city had 42 plows and six graders clearing roads late into Thursday evening.

Cleveland City Councilman Zach Reed admits there is always room for improvement and said no preferential treatment is given to certain people or areas.

"(It's) not perfect, but they've gotten better," he said. "Last week was terrible. I mean they were horrible. Everybody wants their side street done first. I can tell you my street doesn't get done first. I'm glad it just gets done."

However, as long as streets get clear in a reasonable amount of time, a lot of people say they can't complain too much.

"They do as best they can. They have to get the schools and everything clean, so basically they're doing the best they can with what they got," said Moskal.

If you haven't seen a plow yet on your street or you have other snow removal concerns, you can reach the city's Service Department by calling (216) 664-2510.