Snow plow drivers aren't the only ones working 12-hour shifts to keep up with the slick roads.

Mechanics inside each ODOT garage are busier than ever. Maintenance is critical to keeping the trucks on the road.

For more than a week, each truck has been hauling six to eight tons of salt per load.

At 24 hours a day, nonstop, that creates a lot of breakdowns, as well as the need for routine maintenance.

"Although we have shifts for our crews, our trucks are typically running 24/7, so we have to have those mechanics making sure that our trucks are ready to go," said Molly Leonard from ODOT.

After mechanics work on the trucks, drivers load up and head out.

They're laying down rock salt and a calcium chloride solution to melt ice on the pavement at temperatures as cold as minus 25 degrees.

"Right now, we have gusts up to 30 mph, so the most important thing for us right now is to be able to regulate the roads and the drifting snow," Leonard said.

It appears to be working in most areas, including Interstate 77 southbound near East 55th Street.

But then there are roads like near Interstate 90 eastbound near Interstate 490, where parts of the road were still ice-packed Monday afternoon.

ODOT says plows will continue to work throughout Monday night into Tuesday.