The tragic accident that left three dead and a state trooper seriously injured is a different scene Thursday afternoon.

Traffic is moving, and most of the wreckage has been removed from the turnpike, but all day eastbound has been a giant headache.

Crews spent most of the day removing the wreckage of some 50 cars and trucks involved in the crash that stretched two miles. Traffic was backed up at least 10 miles as vehicles slowly moved their way through two lanes, often held up by tow trucks trying to clean up the mess.

"It's crazy, a lot of the trucks are turned to the side twisted and mangled. It's insane," said Diana Lesiecki, a Lorain traveler who was meeting her son, A.J., halfway from the University of Toledo. She plans to take a alternate route home.

"We're looking at going Route 53 north. There's no way we'd be sitting there for hours," she said.

The majority of the complaints Thursday morning were the icy road conditions, but the sun and the engines stuck in traffic today managed to melt the ice and snow away.

However, some of the truck drivers were forced to park their vehicles Wednesday evening. After being stuck for so many hours, they were no longer legal to drive, so hotels and truck stops along the turnpike were extra busy.

"Semi trucks everywhere just parked all up and down the street both sides, all the parking spots were full taken up," said Melodee Milleson, manager of the Subway in the Hi-Miler truck stop off the turnpike. "I had to park sideways coming in this morning."

Jimmy Parenti, a FedEx driver, took a break before continuing his way east. He had no plan to divert from the turnpike.

"Go sit in it until it opens up and then go to my destination," Parenti said of his plans.

The State Highway Patrol is still in the process of tracking down people who were transported from the scene and those who left theirs cars here.

State Trooper Andrew Clouser is still in serious condition in the intensive care unit at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

Listen to some of the 911 calls from yesterday's pileup: