Volkswagen announced on Saturday that it is recalling 151,389 Tiguans for a defect that can lead to stalling while the compact SUV is on the road.

Covered are the 2009 to 2014 Tiguans.

VW said that the problem occurs when federally required winter fuel blends are used in warm climates or warm months. It also can happen when the the SUV is restarted and driven again before the engine has cooled from a previous drive -- so-called "engine hot soak."

In those situations, gas bubbles from winterized fuel can accumulate in the fuel pump that will impair operation of the pump and cause the Tiguan to stall,

VW has no reports of crashes or injuries linked to the problem.

The fix is revised software that boosts fuel pump pressure and prevents the problem. Owners will be notified this month to take the vehicle to a dealer for the fix.

VW separately will recall about 40,000 of the SUVs in Canada for the problem.