HOUSTON, Texas -- Terrifying moments caught on camera by a woman in the building next door.

A construction worker got stuck on the top floor of the condo complex.

Frantically waving at rescuers, the worker eventually jumps to the balcony below to escape the flames.

Houston firefighters raised a ladder up and rescued him.

Senior Captain Brad Hawthorne was on the edge of that ladder and made the save.

"I said, alright...come on...he had to make a leap. He kind of jumped and grabbed on. I said hold on!"

Within seconds of pulling him to safety, the roof caved in.

Hawthorne says his adrenaline was pumping at that moment.

"It was pretty hairy. Just the noise from the fire, the cracking and popping of all the wood... it was pretty loud."

The captain says this rescue wouldn't have been possible without help from the others who work at Station 18.

The construction worker is fine.