Hot and muggy or rainy, festivities all over the city continued as scheduled on Saturday.

The rain took a backseat in Cleveland for most of the day, though.

After all, it was the city’s 221st birthday and the Metroparks’ 100 year anniversary.

"We had a little rain this morning, you know that never slows down Cleveland Metropark,” Kelly Manderfield, Metroparks spokesperson, said.

A big bash at Edgewater Park, fireworks to follow but the best preparation for bad weather, well, it’s a positive outlook.

"We're not gonna have a drizzle, if we do we will be making up tomorrow,” Manderfield said. “Sunday, July 23 is our rain day, but we're not gonna need it because we're gonna set it off tonight."

Despite the sketchy weather radar, the Indians set it off too and Evelyn Ortiz’s grandson was there to see it all.
"It's my grandson's birthday, which is what I wanted to treat him to,” Ortiz said.

Another big hit, the Cleveland Irish Fest in Berea.

"It's the atmosphere and the beer,” Shane Richardson said.

There was apparently a little different motivation to push through the weather there. "Being in the hot, humid weather, sweating,” Charlie Barkers said. “It's keeping us in shape."

Whatever floats your boat, but thanking Mother Nature for a clear afternoon should be on that list.