This ranks right up there with the childhood taunts of "Nyah, nyah, na, nyah, nyah." Just sad. Like an adult version of "I'll show you!"

According to the Associated Press, a western Pennsylvania man who stole an urn containing the ashes of his ex-girlfriend's late husband will spend a year on probation.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, James Cronin, 63, of Perryopolis, was sentenced last week in Fayette County.

Apparently he finally pleaded guilty to theft in April for the incident last July 26 at his ex-girlfriend's home.

The ex- told police she and Cronin broke up in 2012 after dating four years, though he continued to contact her even after he married another woman.

What? Really?

The woman told police Cronin also never returned a key to her home. Police say Cronin acknowledged being out drinking the exact same night someone entered the woman's home, but constantly denied taking the ashes.

That's when police confronted him, saying they found the urn, engraved with the dead husband's name, in Cronin's tool box.

That's when he decided to plead guilty. Caught redhanded with the ashes.

But what did Cronin hope to accomplish by stealing the ashes of his ex-girlfriends late husband? Wouldn't the fact that he's married to someone else be more of a deterrent or a wake-up call?


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