I happen to like actor Orlando Bloom. In fact, as much as I like him is equal to how much I can't stand Justin Bieber.

That's why his minor fracas with Bieber, 20, makes me wonder why Bloom, 37, is stooping to Bieber's level.

Or maybe Bloom is just doing what so many people would like to do to Bieber -- give him a good smack.

This all apparently unfolded in Ibiza, Spain at a nightclub on Tuesday. Depending on whom you read, Bloom reportedly threw a punch at Bieber after Bieber passed his table and made a snide comment.

Then Bieber took to Instagram to retort. "The Biebs" posted a photo of "The Pirates of the Carribean" star on his Instagram account Wednesday evening, showing the actor looking as if he was crying.

According to TMZ, Bieber shouted at Bloom ""What's up b---h?" Then TMZ showed a video of the two being held back from one another by their respective entourages, but it did not show any violence.

Bloom took one swing at Bieber and missed, a source told the NY Daily News.

They were separated, and the 20-year-old pop star stayed at the Spanish Isles hot spot with friends for a while before leaving.

A witness told TMZ that, when Bieber did exit for the evening, applause broke out in the room. Now THAT'S funny...and appropriate. That's funny and I don't care if the Biebs likes his pizzas big and hot. He's a jerk.

I'm not one to read what I call "trashy" magazines except when I am on vacation and looking for some mindless entertainment. And I rarely watch TMZ. But I was intrigued at how many gossip sites and gossip magazines picked up on this. Even USA Today wrote about it.

But Bloom is almost twice Bieber's age and should have just ignored him. But Bloom joins a long list of people who have dissed Bieber, according to ABC News, including Seth Rogan, Drake Bell, Keyshawn Johnson, Olivia Wilde and Taylor Swift.

There's the theory that, if you stop writing about him, he will go away and that any publicity is good publicity. I disagree.

And yes, my writing about him seems to perpetuate his activity. Sorry, but somebody needs to teach this punk -- and I do mean punk -- a lesson. It won't be me but someone needs to step in.

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