STOCKTON -- Jeremy Meeks' attorneys tried their best Friday to ensure that the media didn't get a shot of the 'sexy felon' in handcuffs and jailhouse orange garb.

Defense attorneys stood between reporters and Meeks when he appeared in court in Stockton for further arraignment. They later argued that requiring their client to wear jailhouse orange in court -- as he did Friday morning -- would bias a jury against him.

"My client should be allowed to wear civilian clothing," Meeks' attorney Tai Bogan said.

Meeks is being held in San Joaquin County Jail on $1.1 million bail. He was arrested June 19 in weapons charges during a sweep in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton; he has told News10 that he was a gang member and that he had a gun in the trunk of his car when he was arrested.

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Meeks' mugshot went viral last week after it generated thousands of comments on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page, many from women claiming to admire his good looks.