Asking a date to prom sure has changed...

A Malibu teen is getting lots of national attention after turning to YouTube to ask an American figure skater to join him at prom.

Dyer Pettijohn's 68 second video starts with his bare feet planted in the sand in Malibu as he makes his plea to 18-year-old Olympian, Gracie Gold. He's wearing colorful board shorts with a T-shirt, and, for a touch of prom style, he briefly cloaks himself with an open tuxedo jacket.

"Watching you skate has made me realize how perfect we are for each other," he says at the opening.

WATCH his full video:

Pettijohn then spends the rest of the video telling Gold the many reasons she would be his perfect prom date. Some of those reasons include:

  • "You're gorgeous. My mom thinks I'm pretty."
  • "I live at the beach. You live at the beach."
  • "You're an Olympic athlete. I made varsity."
  • "Although Malibu is lacking in ice, we make for it with our surf, mansions and tans."

He even tries to show off his moves (or lack thereof) on the ice.

Pettijohn wraps up his prom date plea saying, "The Olympic judges got it wrong, you're the only Gold I see." He then gets to one knee on the beach where "Prom?" is scribed in the sand.

Gold, who also lives in Southern California, tweeted a link to Pettijohn's video, saying, "This melted my heart."

Will she say yes? That answer is yet to be seen…


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