Cleveland – Have you ever dreamed all your teeth were falling out? That's just one of the dreams local medical intuitive, Cindy Yoakum analyzed during Friday's morning news. Watch the video above for her analysis on all kinds of dreams and Click here for more information on Cindy.

We also asked her about some other common dreams people asked about on our Facebook page. Here is what Yoakum said they usually mean:

Pregnancy/Birth Dreams: Means the birth of an idea or project. Usually something creative.

  • School/Late for class/Did not study for a test: Think of life as a classroom. You may not be prepared for something or need to get prepared.
  • Going in slow motion: Lack of progress
  • Houses/homes: You are learning something new about you
  • Flying: Feels good, rising above, flying high
  • Not paying rent/Owing money: You feel like you aren't earning your keep or haven't paid your dues.
  • Cheating dreams: Could mean you feel betrayed. Doesn't necessarily mean fidelity
  • Drowning: Overwhelming Emotions

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