Who thought a Donald Trump victory was possible?

Certainly almost no one in the news media made that forecast.

That includes yours truly.

Upon reflection, we looked but did not see the evidence that was right in front of us.

Donald Trump rallies in Northeast Ohio almost always drew larger crowds than Hillary Clinton events....larger and more passionate. It was as Trump said, a movement, and not just a campaign.

I attended several rallies where lines extended outside the hall or arena and hundreds never made it inside.

Did we not think all those people and their friends and family members intended to vote?.

Repeated polls showed a majority of Americans thought the country was headed in the wrong direction. And the added phrase from blue collar Trump backers, "leaving us behind."

Trump's promises to make "America Great" by scrapping bad trade deals and taking care of our own interests, first hit home with them.

The media thought most voters would reject a candidate who would not release his tax returns, was caught bragging about molesting women, mocked a disabled reporter, and slighted Mexican and Mideastern immigrants.

But Trump's backers passionately disliked and distrusted Hillary Clinton, so much so that all Trump's flaws were outweighed by that and anger about her private server/email issues.

We journalists wanted details from Trump. How exactly will you get rid of ISIS? How will you build that wall on the southern border?

Trump backers took his pledges seriously, but did not care about specifics.

Surely Clinton would win because she had a superior campaign organization and ground game to get out voters.

And all those polls upheld her nationwide lead. And all those number crunchers said she was certain to get the needed 270 electoral votes.

And surely her debate performances made the case she was better informed on crucial issues and more experienced in government.

And why wasn't Trump visiting Ohio more in the last week? Turns out his campaign read the tea leaves perfectly. He won here. And carried Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina where he spent much of that time.

But we journalists just kept talking with each other, convincing ourselves that a Trump victory just could not happen.

Obviously we did not speak to enough Trump supporters.

Future candidates will take lessons from Trump's campaign if they can. Perhaps the reality TV star turned candidate will be a unique phenomenon.

But reporters need to learn an embarrassing lesson from how they covered Trump.

Conventional politics is gone. And so is conventional political reporting.