A win over Gegard Mousasi was supposed to reenergize Chris Weidman’s career, but that proved to be anything but the case when the two squared off in The Octagon in the co-main event of UFC 210 at KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York, Saturday night.

During the second round, referee Dan Miragliotta called for a break in the action because of the alleged use of an illegal knee from Mousasi. After an unsanctioned use of replay, doctors entered the cage and ruled that Weidman could not continue, thus handing a technical knockout victory to Mousasi.

“At first and pretty much for the whole time, he told me, ‘It was an illegal knee. You have five minutes. Take your time,’ so yeah, I thought I was going to win because of the illegal knee,” Weidman said. “Then, they looked at a replay, he left The Octagon, they went to a replay and said it was a legal knee, but in the state of New York, you’re not allowed to look. There’s no replays, so it’s a crappy situation.”

After an exchange where Weidman got the full mount and later, took the back of his opponent during the second round, Mousasi scrambled to his feet.

Weidman put two hands on the mat, but one came off before Mousasi threw the first knee. Although Weidman returned his left hand to the mat, meaning he was considered a downed fighter, Mousasi’s thrust while lifting his right knee took away the fourth point of contact with the canvas.

“My coaches said they were calling it a TKO like he hit me with a knee, I was all wobbly and I got knocked out,” Weidman said. “I had my hands down, he stops it, tells me illegal knee, warns him, I sit down and I’m being told I have five minutes.

“Next thing I know, from the latter part of that, they’re saying it’s a legal knee. I’ve been through way worse than that. If it was a legal knee, I would’ve loved to just keep fighting. It shouldn’t have been stopped. At the end of the day, the ref is the one who made the judgment call, and the state of New York, his word is what counts. You can’t go to replay.”

Because of the way the fight came to a conclusion, Weidman wants an immediate rematch against Mousasi, believing he can restart his climb up the middleweight division that he once represented as the champion.

“I would love a rematch,” Weidman said. “I would love to get three rounds in. I feel like I was on my way to winning that fight, so what are you going to do? I know Gegard has to be pissed too. He doesn’t want to win like that. I would’ve been pissed if they stopped it and I won the fight. I would definitely do a rematch. I want a rematch right away.

“I’m good at middleweight. I want to win the title back here.”