I'm so ashamed.

I am an incredibly proud graduate of Bowling Green State University and it took me WAY TOO LONG to write about the best thing I saw this week.

As the Falcon football team wrapped up practice on Monday, walk-on kicker Jake Suder was challenged by Head Coach Mike Jinks to make a 53-yard field goal, with something special on the line.

"Knock this one down for a full scholarship," Jinks told Suder.


BGSU Sports Information Director Jason Knavel told Yahoo Sports that Jinks had two scholarships still available for kids this year and Suder was one of the few kids who they had on their short list as a possibility for those two.

“So, at practice, they were kicking and Jake was nailing them. So when they got to the long one (53 yards out), Coach Jinks out of the blue told him, ‘Knock this one down for a full scholarship.’ It really was organic and out of the blue," Knavel explained.

Suder had been on scholarship in 2016 but it was just a one-year agreement.

Now the redshirt junior is locked in for the rest of his college career.

Pretty sweet.