In his return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship after six years in other organizations, David Branch earned a split-decision victory over Krzysztof Jotko in a middleweight bout on the main card at UFC 211 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas Saturday night.

Branch won the fight with 29-28 scores on two of the judges’ three cards. Jotko won the bout, 29-28, on the second judge’s card.

While Jotko was the more economical fighter in the first round, landing 24 of his 26 strikes (93 percent), Branch was the busier striker and was more significant when he landed. Branch landed 48 of his 64 strikes, 21 of which were significant, according to FightMetric.

Branch landed one of his takedown attempts and held control for 3:25, as opposed to just 24 seconds from Jotko when he was successful with his only takedown try of the five-minute first round.

The second round was fairly even in strikes, as Branch landed 14 of his 52 strikes and Jotko connected with 12 of his 40 attempts. Eleven of Jotko’s 12 punches were significant. Branch landed one takedown and held control of the tempo for 28 seconds.

In the third round, Branch doubled up Jotko in strikes, 28-14, and landed one of his two takedown attempts.