UFC middleweight contender Gegard Mousasi has handled his business in The Octagon, and now, he wants to be compensated for it.

Winner of his last five fights and nine of his 12 bouts under the banner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Mousasi’s previous contract has been fulfilled, and he wants to be paid like the top contender that he is within the middleweight division.

“I should get paid,” Mousasi said after a TKO win over Chris Weidman. “I’ve defeated Jacare. I’ve defeated Mark Hunt. I have defeated Dan Henderson. I’ve defeated Vitor Belfort. I have defeated Weidman. Who else?

“All of these guys I have defeated, they’re making more money than me. What is it? Is it my nationality? Do you want me to dye my hair blond? What the (hell)? I am one of the best. I should get paid like one of the best. There’s nothing wrong with me. Just pay me what I’m worth. I’m a fair guy. I’m not asking for more than what I deserve. You think I cannot beat Bisping? I cannot talk like him? What is it?”

In the co-main event of UFC 210 at KeyBank Center in Buffalo Saturday night, Mousasi earned bizarre TKO win over Weidman.

After an exchange where Weidman got the full mount and later, took the back of his opponent during the second round, Mousasi scrambled to his feet.

Weidman put two hands on the mat, but one came off before Mousasi threw the first knee. Although Weidman returned his left hand to the mat, meaning he was considered a downed fighter, Mousasi’s thrust while lifting his right knee took away the fourth point of contact with the canvas.

During the sequence, referee Dan Miragliotta called a stop to the bout because of the alleged use of an illegal knee from Mousasi. However, after an unsanctioned use of replay, the knee was ruled legal, as Weidman was not considered a downed fighter.

Then, doctors entered the cage and ruled that Weidman could not continue, thus handing a technical knockout victory to Mousasi.

“I didn’t want to win this way, but at the end of the day, it’s a win,” Mousasi said. “Some soccer games, they score with a penalty and they win. It’s a win. At the end, I take it. He didn’t want to fight. That’s not my fault.”

Mousasi says he intends to remain with UFC to pursue his goal of winning a championship, but wants to be recognized as one of the top fighters in his division.

“I’ve been fighting for a long, long (freaking) time,” Mousasi said. “I’ve fought all over the world. I’ve fought for all different kinds of organizations. I’m top four now, even top three because Bisping is not top one. He’s not No. 1.

“I can fight in Japan. I can fight in Europe. I can fight in the U.S. How am I not marketable? I speak English. I don’t know. They’re coming back to Holland. I can fight there. I don’t know. Just fair. I’m not asking for more than I deserve. We’ll see.

“My goal is to get the belt, the UFC belt. I’m not looking to go anywhere else.”