Ultimate Fighting Championship women’s straw-weight titleholder Joanna Jedrzejczyk successfully defended her crown with a unanimous decision victory over well-respected contender Jessica Andrade in the co-main event of UFC 211 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas Saturday night.

In the very arena where she won the championship on March 14, 2015, Jedrzejczyk retained the championship for the fifth straight time by winning the bout on all three of the judges’ scorecards.

Jedrzejczyk connected on 215 of her 353 strikes (61 percent), and 203 of those punches, kicks and knees were considered significant, while Andrade was successful with only 74 of her 239 strikes and two of her 12 takedown attempts.

Andrade tried to assert her wrestling acumen in the first round when she attempted a takedown. Andrade earned the takedown when she picked up Jedrzejczyk and slammed her to the canvas. However, the champion eventually fought her way back to standing and landed several knees and elbows to the face and midsection to bloody the challenger against the cage.

Although Jedrzejczyk out-landed Andrade, 40-15, in strikes according to FightMetric over the first five minutes of the bout, one of those 15 strikes landed flush and put a huge welt over the right eye of the champion.

Following the takedown, Andrade controlled the ground for 93 seconds in the first round.

Jedrzejczyk controlled the pace with her distance striking in the second round. She landed 44 of her 77 strike attempts (58 percent), and 42 of those 44 strikes were considered significant, but Andrade walked through most the punches, kicks and knees and earned a takedown late in the round.

Much like she did in the second round, Jedrzejczyk outpointed Andrade in total strikes in the third round. Jedrzejczyk landed 47 of her 77 attempts, 45 of which did damage. Andrade connected on just 15 of her 53 attempts and missed on all three takedown tries.

For the fourth straight round, Jedrzejczyk landed at a better than 58 percent clip in strikes, as she connected on 43 of her 67 attempts (65 percent), and 38 of those were considered significant. Many of those 38 significant strikes were to Andrade’s head.