It was another demolition at the hands of the Heat for LeBron James and the Cavaliers on Monday night. The Wine and Gold were beaten 106-98, but the real hurt happened in the second quarter.

Andrew Bogut, who arrived in Cleveland just prior to game time, was getting his first moments as a Cavalier. Less than a minute later, came the collision between Bogut's left leg and the left knee of Okaro White.

Bam. Fractured tibia for Bogut. And back to the drawing board for the Wine and Gold, who were counting on Bogut to provide rim protection.

"As soon as the collision happened, I heard it break," LeBron James said after the Cavs loss to Miami. "When I went over to him and he said it, I already knew. I heard it crack"

The Cavs looked uninspired for the rest of the game. When you hear James talk about the addition of Bogut, you can sense how much of a disappointment this injury was. "It's very deflating. It's a tough moment. We were all excited about the acquisition."

"It took the air out of the whole building."

It was a much different atmosphere prior to tonight's game when it came to LeBron and his new teammate from Australia. Bogut was assigned #6 for the Wine and Gold, but when he picked up his practice jersey, it had the number '6.5.' LeBron James wears #6 to practice.

"LeBron got me already," Bogut grinned. "I wasn't aware that LeBron wears a No. 6 at practice, so they gave me a 6.5. I thought it was 65 at first. It was a good joke. I have to get him back."

Sadly, that doesn't appear to be likely. At least not for the rest of this season.