If you are trying to get your hands on World Series tickets, know that scammers may be trying to get their hands on your money by selling you bogus ones.

The Akron Better Business Bureau is now urging fans to know their options when it comes to the best places to buy them.

First, they recommend using StubHub and Vivid Seats, since those companies stand by their sales.

Second, they urge caution when using Craigslist. But should you go that route, they say to be wary of tickets priced too low, to use PayPal when possible, and to not assume that a physical ticket is valid.

You should also look for red flags, such as misspellings on your ticket.

Lastly, experts say it is never a good idea to post pictures of your tickets online, since bar codes can be copied and used.

Of course there is always the option of trying to win them if you do not want to buy them. Both the Indians and MLB.com are now offering ticket sweepstakes.