Many may think that the life of a major league baseball player is pretty easy.

The money? Nice. The lifestyle? Busy.

And for players with families, the daily grind at the ballpark means less time at home and more stress on loved ones.

Cleveland Indians outfielder Brandon Guyer and his wife Lindsay know this first-hand. With Riley, age two, and Camden, age one, growing quickly, the time seems to fly.

"I think you were there for the crawling and walking and everything," Lindsay said to Brandon when the family sat down with WKYC.

"Yeah, I guess we've lucked out in that sense," was his reply.

During the regular season, Guyer is off to the ballpark around 1 p.m. and doesn't get home until around 11 p.m.

In the offseason he's home full-time and family soaks it in.

But Spring Training is a time of transition, when the daily schedule becomes more "normal," even if only for a short while.

"They get used to having Daddy around, so it's kind of hard when he has to start working again," Lindsay admitted.

"It's weird because in the offseason you get used to seeing them, you know, all day, and Spring Training, you slowly get less time with them and then you get to road trips and it's like, wow! You go days without seeing them." Guyer said. "Thank God for Facetime!"

Chief Meteorologist Betsy Kling is reporting live from Goodyear, Arizona all week bringing insider reports on the Cleveland Indians Spring Training.