While some are cheering for the Cleveland Indians during the World Series, others are supporting the Chicago Cubs.

And some are simply cashing in on the profits.

It’s fair to say vendors don’t mind spending their time outside of Progressive Field, because a lot of the action happens on the streets.

“Financially, just being an employee, I would say that we all made a good amount of sales, “ said Tariq Mohammed.

Many vendors are targeting Cleveland fans, but there’s cash on the other side, too. Just ask Kevin Hughes of the Windy City Grille. He stands near East 9th and Ontario with a cart that’s sporting a Cubs logo.

For Chicago fans, it’s a taste from home.

“They’re happy to see someone from Chicago.” said Hughes.

Devonte Williams traveled to Cleveland from Chicago to also cash in on the Cubs.

“Chicago fans die hard, so they are going to come to every game that’s here,” said Williams. “So I felt that if I bought some stuff I would be able to sell it, and really have been selling a lot of it.“

Just how good is business? Williams says he took in about three grand in just over 24 hours.

“I'd rather not work at a regular job. I'd rather keep doing this.”

From selling shirts, hats and bats...to the parking spots used to get to class.

Some Cleveland State University students took to Twitter and Facebook to advertise their merchandise, which in this case was a chance to grab a parking spot during one of the biggest weeks in Cleveland sports history.

At last check, we couldn’t find any takers for those campus spots.