CLEVELAND -- Actor Charlie Sheen is suggesting his first pitch snub is similar to what started the Cubs’ goat curse.

“who ever is idiotically guilty of preventing me from throwing out the 1st pitch, in any of these home gms, well, jus sayin. ©99 (7-1 top 5),” Sheen tweeted as the Indians were losing to Chicago in Game 6 late Tuesday night.

His tweet was accompanied by a picture showing a pair of goats standing outside Progressive Field.

Loads of fans were pleading with the Cleveland Indians before Game 1 to invite Sheen, known for his “Wild Thing” role in Major League, to have the honor of throwing out the first pitch.

Sheen wanted to do it, too, tweeting a message to fans that he was all in if invited.

Ultimately, the Indians didn't summon Sheen from the bullpen because it wasn't even their decision. Major League Baseball determined Indians legend Kenny Lofton would throw the first pitch.

Sorry, Charlie.