Ryan Merritt was a relatively under-the-radar kind of guy.

Few Cleveland Indians fans knew much about him prior to his ALCS Game 5 performance that eventually sent the Indians to the World Series. Fewer fans knew about Merritt's upcoming wedding.

Then, one Cleveland fan somehow stumbled upon Merritt's wedding registry. The result was a hefty sum of gifts from strangers for the happy couple, a kind gesture from elated Cleveland fans thankful for a World Series.

Now another Clevelander has taken Merritt's upcoming nuptials a step further.

Local comedian Josh Womack penned a piece that takes the voice of Cleveland fans to an unexpected place: Merritt's wedding reception.

Picture Merritt and his bride-to-be, Sarah, following their wedding ceremony. They're sipping cocktails because they've actually grown tired of champagne, having been soaked in it multiple times, including after a World Series victory in Cleveland. They're surrounded by friends and family when Cleveland and its fan base crash their wedding to deliver an impromptu best man speech.

Click here to read the speech in its entirety.

No disrespect to Merritt's real best man, but the pressure's officially on.