CLEVELAND -- Just a few weeks ago, sportswriter Paul Hoynes ignited anger from Cleveland Indians fans.

The / "Plain Dealer" reporter wrote a story Sep. 17 declaring “the Indians were eliminated from serious postseason advancement before they even got there.”

His words came after the Tribe was forced to bench Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar due to injuries.

Social media erupted with angry baseball fans and Indians players themselves firing off their disgust with Hoynes’ dismal prediction.

Now, after the Indians swept the Red Sox in the American League Division Series, Hoynes is eating his own words.

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Early Tuesday morning, Hoynes penned a fresh piece titled, “When you’re wrong, you’re wrong and I was wrong about demise of Cleveland Indians.”

When a contender loses its No.2 and No.3 starters in September, any plans for an extended stay in October are more fantasy than fact,” Hoynes wrote. “I believed that when I wrote it, but I was wrong.”

During the team’s post-game victory party Monday night in Boston, Hoynes said Jason Kipnis asked him to admit he was wrong.

Hoynes claims he did just that.

“I underestimated them, but they shouldn't underestimate themselves,” he wrote. “This is a good team with a good manager and coaching staff. It's a team that's going to get better as well. … In the end I don't need a beer poured over my head to remind I was wrong. I would have much rather drank it, but I get the point that was being made.”

His new thoughts captured the attention of social media once again -- this time much more friendly.

The Indians will now face the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League Championship Series. The Tribe has home field advantage.