Yesterday afternoon Terry Francona underwent a cardiac ablation procedure to correct a cardiac arrhythmia, also known as an irregular heartbeat.

He’s expected to make a full recovery, and will get out of the hospital in the next day or two, but won’t be back working until July 14.

That also means he’ll be out for the All-Star Game in Miami.

Of course fans would love to have him for that, but from what Channel 3's Hilary Golston heard today, they really just want him to be healthy for the season and for life.

The irregular heart beat Francona had is likely more common than you know, with millions of Americans experiencing some version of cardiac arrhythmia, including someone we know very well at Channel 3.

You've likely seen or heard Dino, AKA Dave DeNatale talking sports on WKYC's various platforms.

He's loud, but we like that.

But it wasn't until, very quietly, he tweeted about his ablation, that we realized he went through the same procedure Terry Francona had, only Dino’s procedure was years ago.

You can read here about how much more energy Dino had after undergoing the procedure.

We're hoping Francona does just as well.

The Indians said the arrhythmia was detected through diligent monitoring of Terry's heart rhythm over the past several weeks.

According to Dr. Judith Mackall, a cardiac electro physiologist at University Hospitals says for the most part an ablation is done with a catheter.

A catheter ablation according to the National Institute of Health uses energy to make small scars in your heart tissue to prevent abnormal electrical signals from moving through your heart.

Doctors go through an artery in your neck, arm, or even groin, and thread a series of catheters to it, to reach the problematic area.

Then, in laymen's terms, heat the area up to solve the problem.

That typically stops the bad electrical impulses in an irregular heartbeat.

Fans want nothing but the best for Francona.

The Indians laid out a gigantic card at Friday nights Indians game against the Detroit Tigers.

Several fans came through to wish Francona well and a speedy recovery.