One Tribe fan predicted how the Indians would end the regular season. He hopes his World Series prediction comes true next.

"Right when they won that yesterday, I was like we hit it,” said Cory O’Connor.

Six months ago, at 8:25 on a Monday night, Cory O'Connor made a prediction.

“Throw that prediction out there,” said O’Connor. “I somehow hit it on the head."

O'Connor let the world know his prediction with one tweet. On March 28th, he guessed the Indians would not only win the AL Central, but would also end the regular season with 94 wins.

“I retweeted the tweet, and then immediately my phone just kind of went nuts,” said O’Connor. “And the Indians social media picked it up. Immediately my phone did not stopping buzzing for 45 minutes or so."

Other requests poured in.

O’Connor added, “Everyone calling me Nostradamus. Or asking if I could provide them with the winning lottery numbers.”

“As for his World Series prediction?

O’Connor predicts, “Cubs-Indians. Indians in 6. Book it."

He also already booked his reservation at Progressive Field.

“All the tickets that are available I have,” said O’Connor.

That's a good thing considering his record...

“I think I have been to 19 games, and they are 16-3,” said O’Connor. “So I definitely feel like I have to be a part of it."

O’Connor says baseball is a big part of his life. He worked at Canal Park for two years and remembers watching guys like Naquin, Lindor and Clevinger move up to the Big Leagues. O’Connor also runs an amateur baseball team.